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Through Innovative Vision

About Us

Kasagi Labo proudly presents Project: Verses, a mesmerizing venture into the realm of virtual entertainment. We believe in the boundless possibilities of the digital world and have embarked on a thrilling journey to bring you captivating experiences like never before.

Meet Our Vtuber

Meet Our Vtuber

Our virtual talent lineup consists of a diverse group of VTubers, each with their own unique persona and charm. Get to know them, their backgrounds, and follow their thrilling adventures as they captivate audiences worldwide.

Our Story

The journey of Project: Verses began with a vision to reimagine entertainment and foster a stronger connection between creators and fans. We have come a long way since then, fueled by the support of our amazing community, and continue to push the boundaries of virtual content creation.


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    Project Verses
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    112 Robinson Road, #04-02, Robinson 112, Singapore 068902
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