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Singing The Verses of Innovation
Unveiling Extraordinary Virtual Realities

About Us

Kasagi Labo proudly presents Project: Verses. We invite you on an odyssey beyond the ordinary. At Project Verses, we push the boundaries of virtual entertainment and strive to shape its future. We believe that within the vast expanse of the virtual universe lies untapped potential, waiting to be discovered. For the trailblazers, the dreamers, and those with a story to tell, this is your stage. We seek to nurture, champion and celebrate VTuber creators. Every voice matters, every idea can spark a revolution, and every virtual persona can become a beacon of inspiration. Join us, and together, let’s craft experiences that will captivate hearts and minds like never before.

Crafting Characters, Cultivating Stars.

The next virtual sensations await. Visions set to evolve into vibrant virtual personalities. Our lineup is ready, and each character holds a promise of unique stories, voices, and charisma. We’re on the brink of discovering the talents who will breathe life into them. Join the excitement, be part of the revelation, and witness the birth of our inaugural VTuber stars.

Our Story

The journey of Project: Verses began with a vision to reimagine entertainment and foster a stronger connection between creators and fans. We have come a long way since then, fueled by the support of our amazing community, and continue to push the boundaries of virtual content creation.