Meet The Preludes: The Voices of Project: Verses

Project: Verses,VTubers

Meet The Preludes: The Voices of Project: Verses

Entering a New Era of VTubing And FAN-tasy Streaming

#ICYMI Project: Verses has finally introduced their first-generation VTubers, also known as The Voices!

We’re taking the virtual entertainment world by storm, and it’s only the beginning of what’s to come from Project: Verses! With unique identities and communities, our Voices of the Prelude generation—Fionna fon Engels, Riyu the Lamb, and our partnered VTuber, Kenbishi Saya—aim to captivate their audiences with their distinct stories, bubbly personas, and engaging content.

Fionna fon Engels

Persona: Fionna fon Engels steps into the virtual world as a holy knight commander, embodying strength, leadership, and a touch of divine charisma. Her persona resonates with themes of chivalry and valor, drawing in fans of epic fantasies and medieval adventures.

Content Focus: Fionna’s streams are a blend of gaming and chat, with hopes of venturing out to wider topics that she finds interesting. In the gaming realm, she tackles titles that allow her to channel her knightly persona, engaging in battles and strategic gameplay. Musically, Fionna not only aims to cover popular songs but also introduces her audience to original compositions, weaving stories of battles won and quests embarked upon.

Community Interaction: Fionna uses her commanding presence to foster a community that values courage, integrity, and teamwork. Her streams often include interactive segments where she discusses strategies and tactics, both in games and in life, with her followers.

Check out Fionna’s recent stream here:

Saya Kenbishi

Persona: Originally from a mystical world, Saya Kenbishi is an elemental samurai who has journeyed to Earth. Her story is one of discovery and adaptation as she finds a new passion in the realms of music and streaming, embracing modern technologies and cultures.

Content Focus: Saya’s streams are rich with references to her Japanese heritage, incorporating elements of her elemental powers in her performances. Her music streams, featuring both covers and original songs, often include traditional instruments blended with modern beats, symbolizing her bridging of two worlds.

Community Interaction: Saya’s narrative includes learning from her audience as much as teaching them about her culture and experiences. Her streams include interactive explorations of culture, games, music, and the magic of everyday life, appealing to those fascinated by folklore and cross-cultural exchanges.

Watch Kenbishi Saya’s recent stream here:

Riyu the Lamb

Persona: Riyu the Lamb is portrayed as a curious, gentle soul from another world. Lost and exploring the world, Riyu’s innocence and wonder are infectious, making her streams feel like a journey of discovery.

Content Focus: Riyu’s content is centered around exploration and learning. Whether she’s navigating new games, learning new phrases and slangs, or meeting new people, each stream is a new adventure, seen through the fresh eyes of a newcomer.

Community Interaction: Riyu’s charm lies in her relentless curiosity and the way she forms connections with her audience. Her streams often feature her reaction to random videos online, gaming and collab streams with other emerging VTubers and community-driven explorations, where suggestions from fans lead to new discoveries.

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VTubers like Fionna, Saya, and Riyu offer more than just entertainment; they provide a platform for storytelling, cultural exchange, community building, and even fun interactive gaming experiences. Each of them with their unique backgrounds and interests, they invite viewers into compelling narratives enriched with interactive experiences, making the virtual world engaging and realistic.