What Is Project: Verses & Why Should You Care?


What Is Project: Verses & Why Should You Care?

What is Project: Verses you ask? With so many VTuber agencies in existence, you might be asking yourselves, why should we care about another brand new agency and we get it. There’s too many things going on in the world and what makes Project: Verses special, what makes us stand out from the rest? 

For one, Project: Verses is dedicated to nurturing and supporting up-and-coming talents who have a passion for content creation and self-improvement. Our aim is to help these creators achieve their highest potential in the virtual entertainment industry by offering them the professional backing they need. Although our talents might not yet be widely recognized or established, we are committed to equip them with the essential resources and services necessary to help them reach their personal and professional objectives.

Project: Verses is co-founded by Tim the CEO and his close friend, Lily.

“I’ve been a fan of VTubers and the VTubing industry for the longest time and while I have been consuming, I saw that most, if not all the agencies, especially the bigger ones tend to recruit high profile, or already established VTubers into their rosters and that’s not something we want to do. There are several talented independent VTubers who have yet to be discovered by the masses, and what I want to do is help them reach the next level. We may be a small team and a brand new agency, we may be learning as we go, but from day one, we’ve been thriving to provide the best for our talents.” – Tim, CEO and co-founder of Project: Verses.

Project: Verses held its first auditions in December 2023. After going through hundreds of talented VTubers audition tapes and interviewing the shortlisted candidates, Project: Verses have selected 3 of its First Generation VTubers who will be called the Prelude era. 

The Voices (that’s what our VTubers are called) are poised to disrupt the industry by working on engaging content and finding their own niche, their own community. 

That said, Project: Verses First Gen VTubers will officially debut on 18 May 2024 at 8PM CT.


18 May 2024 – Fionna fon Engels Debut Stream
8PM CT, 6PM PT, 9AM GMT+8 (19 May), 10AM JST (19 May)

19 May 2024 – Riyu The Lamb Debut Stream

25 May 2024 – Saya Kenbishi Debut Stream
10PM CT, 8PM PT, 11AM GMT+8, 12PM JST